About Us


At Redside Marketing, we have assembled a consortium of the best-of-the-best people in each discipline to create a power team of marketing experts who can strategize, create and execute with exceptional results. Each person has their own “super power” and we can customize teams based on the nature and scope of each project. That means you get precisely the talent you need, when you need it – and you only pay for the talent your project requires. Our firm is led by seasoned marketing professionals who have run agencies, won countless awards and helped hundreds of companies stand out and crush the competition.

You Benefit from Our Virtual Business Model

Redside has reinvented the “marketing agency” model and has gone 100% virtual. Rather than having everyone on our payroll and sitting on ball chairs in fancy expensive offices, we’ve streamlined our operations to be much more lean, agile and adaptive to our clients’ needs. We work together in a virtual office fueled by the latest online collaboration tools. Our partners have been hand-selected by Redside’s principals and know each other very well (sometimes we even finish each other’s sentences).

At Redside, we act and function like a traditional agency– but without the high overhead of days past. That means we can pass the savings along to you. Redside costs less than a traditional agency and slightly more than a guy in his basement. But if you have ever managed a guy in his basement or played “air traffic controller” to a bunch of tactical freelancers who need constant prodding and spoon-feeding, you’ll see the value in having a power team that runs like a well-oiled machine. We look forward to showing you the Redside advantage.


Rainbow trout on the Deschutes river are known as ‘Redsides’ and are tough fish. They are smart, visually-stunning and highly sought after. One of our founders' passion is fly-fishing, so what better way to incorporate our passion into our ethos. We work smart, create visually stunning brands who are highly sought after.