Looking for a pressure valve?

Any marketing person will tell you that their job is unpredictable and everyone wants everything NOW. One shift in the market or act by a competitor can cause a marketing frenzy that dumps a pile of work on your desk. Redside is the perfect “pressure valve” for busy in-house marketing departments who need help with special projects and sudden surges. WE ALSO WORK WITH COMPANIES WHO DON'T HAVE INTERNAL MARKETING RESOURCES TO GET IMPORTANT MARKETING PROJECTS COMPLETED.

When the pace gets insane and the deadlines are outrageous, we’re here to help. We are seasoned marketing professionals who can take your input and work independently with minimal spoon-feeding to get things done. Our team is proactive and actively makes recommendations to make each project the best it can be. Our focus is to become an extension of your in-house team so you can turn to us whenever you need support or extra bandwidth to get things done. We are happy to work with you on a per-project basis as needed – no long-term retainers required.


Rainbow trout on the Deschutes river are known as ‘Redsides’ and are tough fish. They are smart, visually-stunning and highly sought after. One of our founders' passion is fly-fishing, so what better way to incorporate our passion into our ethos. We work smart, create visually stunning brands who are highly sought after.